Monday, September 21, 2009

My Dorm

Sandra's hall door name tag!
My hall door name tag!
Our Hall Door Decorated for Halloween
Mine and Sandra's door in the dorm. It might not seem like it from the last couple of pictures but I actually have 2 roommates not just one but Caren hasn't made a new name tag for the hall door yet and I only share an actually sleeping room and where my desk is with Sandra. We just share the hall, bathroom and fridge with Caren but we are all in a quad so we hang out some.
My bunk bed the Top bunk is mine.
Our bathroom!My desk!My Collage of pictures of friends!
My white jaws

My Closet Doors!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some New Friends

This is Jhonn (it's actually pronounced John but he does like it
spelt like everyone else's!) Awesome guy he can sing, act, draw, he is cute, sweet, funny,
and just as random as me!This is Sally she is so goofy which is proven when we act alittle alike!
Sally and I were making funny faces in the back of Jhonn's car after we put on some of his hats!
Left to Right: Nick, Sally, and Jhonn random pic! Nick by the way is a great guy
and the first friend I met in my classes!
Kailee Poston my most unique friend of all. She is fun to be
around and that's all that matters!!!
Kendra Lane Baker, crazy as all get out but we love her!
See look at her being goofy. That's Sam trying to hide in the corner she
doesn't like her picture being taken.
Kendra in my beanie silly girl!Then of course this is Ashley and Kendra roommates! Both have very
unique personalities!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Visit To NKU

Wensday, July 15, 2009 I went to Northern Kentucky University's campous so I could schedule my classes, do finacial aid stuff, and also go through orientation. The campous is so beautiful but alot of walking so mom says I am gonna have to start walking more before I go so I won't be so out of shape when I get there. Mom and I got done with the finacial aid faster then we thought and it was like 2 hours till my Advisor appointment so we went early to see if he had an earlier opening which he did of course.This is the building were I will be taking most of my classes and where I met with my advisor.
This is the beautiful water fall next to the fine arts building.
These are the geese in the pond at the bottom of the water fall. This is an example if all the beautiful plants on Northern's campous.This is the small pool that leads to the water fall on the opposite side of the pond.

After I signed up for my classes I still had awhile before we had to go to the orientation so we went and looked at the library which is right next door to the Fine Arts Building.

The Library.
Actually a shot of the circle window on the side of the Library.
The fountain outside of the Library.

After we came out of the library we heard an ambulance going around the campous somewhere and it stopped right behind the fine arts building. A couple of minutes later we saw a police officer and 2 medics walk towards the Fine Arts Building. Evidently someone had gotten hurt. Then the ambulance itself came over in between the buildings.
Here is the picture I took of the ambulance as it was going inbetween the buildings.
Here is the duck I saw with her babies after all the excitement with the
ambulance while we were sitting outside the Library
After all that I had to call the main office to see where the orientation was going to be held. They told me it was to be held in the Student Union. (which I wish I had taken a picture of it because it is a very cool building.) Inside the Student Union there is a starbucks, edy's ice cream, and a bunch of other awesome resturants. There are also really cool chairs and tables that line the walls that you can use to study or do homework. We went and looked at the bookstore and it was better then I thought it would be because I thought that only school books would be in there but there was so much more then that in there. The transfer orientation was actually held in the building with the bank in it (which was the U.S. Bank.) The orientation was very long but I learned alot of stuff like what all I can do with my All Card (a.k.a my student I.D) I can even get into every Northern game absolutely free which is awesome. I can't wait to go off to Northern Kentucky University!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I got accepted to Northern Kentucky University this past saturday and I am so excited to be going off to college next year! This blog is so my family can stay up to date on how life is going for me at college and so they can see pictures of everything I do!!!....